The construction site is big, noisy and sometimes confusing. Are you on site and looking for the right drawing? You don’t know where your location is on the drawing? You don’t know if the drawing you have in hand is the one with the latest revision? There was’ a meeting where something was agreed about this drawing, what was it again? With the app clone:it you have all the information on your mobile phone, linked to the 3D model on a structure-specific basis. You choose the cloneit:inform module, scan the QR code on the drawing and you are already in the 3D model. One click in the selected layer view and you have the information you are looking for.

The cloneit:inform module will be customised to your individual needs for various applications.

We are currently developing the inform:rebar app. Reinforcement drawings are provided with a QR code which, after a security query, they lead you to the 3D model of the reinforcement – easy to access with any mobile phone on your construction site. Try it yourself: simply scan the QR code in the reinforcement drawing below and view the 3D model of the reinforcement on your mobile phone.

A demo video of our App inform:rebar is available on YouTube.


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