Digital site inspection services “digiSIS

What is “digital site inspection services (digiSIS)”?
Digital local construction supervision is a new method for ensuring high-quality construction work and construction documentation for all parties involved in construction. The innovative app with the modules create, capture, inform and compare from clone:it GmbH is used for this purpose:
Which hardware does the clone:it app require for digital site inspection services (digiSIS)?
Digital local building supervision can be carried out with commercially available smartphones and/or tablets that use the iOS operating system by means of clone:it GmbH’s proprietary software. The compare:rebar application for automated reinforcement acceptance is currently being brought to market maturity, and further applications are in development.

What is the result of digital site inspection services (digiSIS)?
There is a digital and complete record of the building across the different construction phases. All documents, models and scan files are archived in a traceable manner. A cloud solution enables easy access to the corresponding data records. Here, different access authorisations / functions are assigned, and only individual subject areas are released to the various stakeholders.

What are the advantages of digital site inspection services (digiSIS)?
The client receives certainty about the quality and the real scope of the construction work. In addition, he can also take the documentation into account in future building adaptations. The inspection engineers and construction companies receive a tool for simple documentation and comprehensive determination of deviations or the correct condition. This also allows problematic faults to be detected at an early stage and corrected in good time. In addition, the time required is significantly reduced by using the innovative app. The experts therefore no longer have to deal with textual and pictorial documentation, but can put their expertise into evaluating and solving problems or deviations that have occurred.

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