We are a team of enthusiasts: we love civil engineering, and are passionate about digitalization. Our team consists of an experienced civil engineer, an experienced software engineer with a background in civil engineering, and two young civil engineers who are ready to change the world. Together we work tirelessly on the vision of clone:it.

Timur from Graz, Austria is founder and managing director of convex ZT GmbH and movingpower GmbH as well as of the brand flyneering. Construction and green hydrogen are his passion, as well as digital innovations. Kerem from Istanbul, Turkey is founder and managing director of DVS IT Solutions. He loves developing practical, easy-to-use app’s, and brings all his experience in this field to clone:it. Paul and Liebhard are young civil engineers, and want to revolutionize construction site supervision: digital, autonomous and effective.

We develop our ultimate construction site app together with our research and development partners  VrVis GmbH from Vienna, Austria; Holo-Light GmbH from Munich, Germany, SE3-Labs from Munich, Germany and our frontend- and backend-development team from Istanbul, Türkiye.