the dawn of a new era in site supervision

    clone:it is the ultimate construction site app. As a BIM-based 3D project management tool, easily accessed on a mobile phone or tablet, it serves both construction management and site supervision. It enables instant comparison of what was designed with what was built. Artificial intelligence building blocks assist in the detection of errors, and help with suggestions on how to fix them. The tagging of new information in the model or in the image, immediately visible to all users, creates an intuitively readable and up-to-date construction site documentation.

    The create module brings the 3D BIM model to the construction site. With the clone:it app you navigate comfortably in the 3D BIM model your construction site. By determining your location on your mobile phone, you can see where you are in the 3D BIM model.

    The module capture brings the built reality as a 3D panorama image to your cell phone. With the clone:it app you navigate comfortably in the 3D panorama image of your construction site. If you want to see details, zoom in, if you want to know sizes, measure in the image. If you notice something, set a marker in the image with a hint text.

    The inform module helps you to quickly and easily find the relevant documentation for a component: You click on the component, and a text box pops up with information about the plans, documents, and reports. The information is linked to the database, and another click opens the plan or document. New information from the construction site, such as product descriptions, can be easily scanned and inserted into the database.

    In the compare module, you superimpose the 3D BIM model and the 3D panoramic image. You compare visually, and recognize immediately if something does not fit. Whether you are a site manager or a site supervisor, the quicker you recognize an error, the less effort it takes to correct it. You tag the corrective action determined on site in the model and thus immediately have the necessary documentation done.


    Today, the design of buildings is done digitally, with a 3D model. The task is to bring this 3D model to the mobile phone in an intuitively usable way so that it can be used by all project participants on the construction site. The app clone:it shows you the 3D model, easily navigable and with location recognition on the construction site. Point your mobile phone anywhere on your construction site - clone:it recognises where you are and navigates you to your location in the 3D model.

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    You want to record your real construction site and see it immediately on your mobile phone in 3D panorama mode? Preferably in a parallel window next to the 3D model of the building? No problem with the clone:it app: the built-in capture mode allows you to even take pictures and scan areas that are difficult to access. The recording in 3D panorama mode is immersive: you can zoom in and out, measure or tag located areas, i.e. provide them with additional information.

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    The construction site is big, noisy and sometimes confusing. Are you on site and looking for the right drawing? You don't know where your location is on the drawing? You don't know if the drawing you have in hand is the one with the latest revision? There was' a meeting where something was agreed about this drawing, what was it again? With the app clone:it you have all the information on your mobile phone, linked to the 3D model on a structure-specific basis. One click in the selected layer view and you have the information you are looking for.

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    Do you want to check on the construction site whether what has been built is in accordance with what was designed? How do you compare the drawing with reality? You need a tape scale, but you don't have one with you? With the app clone:it this becomes a piece of cake: You hold your mobile phone to the structure, scan with the function capture, and then superimpose scan and drawing with the function compare. If it doesn't match, you tag the action required to the structure in the 3D model, and immediately it is recorded for the relevant party to see and act.

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